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don’t really call me. (introverted). there’s a form below. if you prefer, email: jason(at)jasonbriggs(dot)com or text: (six-one-five) six-eight-zero, two-eight-eight-one. three reasons you might want to get in touch:

don’t really call me. (introverted). there’s a form below, or:
email jason(at)jasonbriggs(dot)com
text (6-one-5) six-8-zero, two-8-8-one
three reasons you might want to get in touch:


workshops are important to me. they allow me to keep involved with the energy of academia, while giving me the distinct pleasure of talking about myself, ad nauseam. I demon­strate and discuss all aspects of my work, but I also benefit from an open dialog. if I don’t know the answer, i’ll make one up. it’s important that the atmosphere is loose. I want questions about everything from anyone. also, I want the juicy gossip.

A typical visit (

importantly, I don’t create a piece start-to-finish. I begin a piece, then work on various stages that i’ve brought with me.   i’m open to anything, but a typical demonstration goes something like this:

first morning — all the parts for a new piece are thrown on the wheel. I talk about what i’m looking for in the form. the audience marvels. I fluff my feathers.

afternoon — I unwrap a work-in-progress (Julia Childs style) and dig in to it, talking about formal compositional issues. don’t worry, I tell jokes too; I know two good ones.

second morning — the thrown parts from Day 1 are assembled (ooh…) and initial sketching of layers begins (aah…). this is also the time for deep creases, orifices, and globules. I know right?

afternoon — either student critiques or if anyone’s still awake, I talk about post-firing treatments, including polishing the fired porcelain, hair harvesting/attachment, and stainless steel additions.

my slide talk is 40 minutes long.  aside from one bonehead in Milwaukee, no one has ever fallen asleep.  of course, I always look forward to talking with students about their work.  as the visitor, I get to play the role of asshole trusted confidant.  it works out well.


first, thank you for asking. it suggests you are a weirdo and I love you for it.

I generally don’t sell work directly off the internet. it should be seen in person before discussions of price and purchase. also, the work is slow–I finish around 4 pieces in a year. it’s priced accordingly.
brand new work will never sell immediately. I insist it gets exhibited before being placed in a private collection.

finally, i’m sorry, but I don’t do commission work. collaborations….maybe we should talk…?

You’re bored.

no. you’re not bored. you have questions. like “what’s that hair really?” or, “who are your influences?” or, “was that a TOE you freak?” all you can do is ask. if it’s really good, i’ll add it to the FAQ’s below!

maybe you want to point out a typo. that would be most welcomed. but don’t come here with your capitalization suggestions–i’m not here for it. 🤘


this form is tested. it works. but if you don’t hear back in 2 days, use the email address above. (you can never fully trust an internet form.) i don’t ignore messages.

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