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Author: jabriggs


Indiana University

November, 2011
i met at least 30 high-quality individuals.  only 1 schmuck.  (just kidding David.) IU is top-tier all the way.  i love talking to people who get it.  Bill Pariso (grad and fellow Whitewater alum) made things comfortable and charming.  also big thanks to Visiting Faculty Ian Meares, who is without question the smartest person on the face of the planet--and a pretty good dude too.  during the week i did crits with nearly every single grad, post-bac, and BFA.   that's a lot of b.s. coming out of this mouth.  huge thanks to the faculty for being involved and interested:   Tim Mathers, Malcolm Mobutu Smith, and Christyl Boger.  great people.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

March, 2009
Rachel Clark, a grad student, put this in motion and then took care of the details. i was invited to visit/critique with painting grads, and they were easily some of my best conversations. i was lucky to get some time with the clay kids as well. eastern tennessee has more teeth (per capita) than i was led to believe. good times.

Appalachain Center for Crafts

Various, 1999-2003

i really love this poster.

the Craft Center played a big role in allowing me to make the art that i make. specifically, Vince Pitelka was (and is) the driving force in that department. he makes things possible. not sure how he fits so many brains inside his head, but clearly he has more than most of us.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

February, 2010
yep. february. nice to visit my home state, and the sky greeted me with some massive white flakes. grad student Angela Louise Biederman took care of every little detail, while the faculty (Karen Gunderman, Chris Davis Benevides) made sure i got a good impression of the campus. i love milwaukee.

California State University-Summer Arts

July, 2010
many huge thank you's to Patsy Cox for inviting me. it was an honor for me to participate. i was one of 4 esteemed visiting artists--Tip Toland! Holly Hanessian! Heather Mae Ericson! our visits didn't overlap, but i heard all the juicy gossip (and invented some of my own). not only a pile of talented students (mostly californians) but the greatest assistants ever: Sandi Escobar, Akiko Jackson, and Gina Aparicio. --in no particular order, ladies-- despite the soul-crushing heat, and potential liver-damage, i wanted to stay.

Missouri State University

September, 2010
my friend Kieth Ekstam invited me into his classroom for an afternoon. i told a whole bunch of lies, then we headed over to the pizza joint. after a 4 hour lunch, i got to show my slides. (more lies...). got to meet the infamous Kevin Hughes. these people are fun. visit them.

University of Michigan

March, 2009
Susan Crowell invited me to Michigan, and i'm glad she did. i experienced the most complicated set of hallways ever assembled, in the Residential College of Art. i think i'm still lost. the 'other' clay studio, while much less confusing, was still cool. John Leyland was great about keeping me stocked. (with clay.) i was impressed with the undergrads, who walked and talked like grad students.