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Buffalo State College

February, 2009
in the dead of winter i had the best weck of my life. Buffalo is a town i could live in.  thanks to Professor Robert Wood for the hospitality, and Ronna Mink for coordinating my visit.   it was super to meet some fellow northerners.  a great undergrad clay program as well:

Murray State University

October, 2009
John Utgaard is a good friend, but also one of my very favorite artists.   he hosted a workshop by

Kansas State University

October, 2009
Dylan Beck, er, Professor Dylan Beck (he's so young!), invited me for a day of critiques and a lecture.  Dylan's super cool.   i think i owe him a beer.  i'm glad i got to visit the old stadium digs before the big move.   also met esteemed writer Glen Brown and ran into old Belmont colleague Armon Means.  yo.

Georgia State University

February, 2011
thanks Laura Martin for taking me to that cool sports bar.  my ears are still ringing....  Mark Burleson and Christina West were gracious hosts--excellent conversations.  however, the next time a group of students offer to "show me the sights", i'll be weary.  (Clermont Lounge, i'll never be the same).

Louisiana State University

January, 2011
Andy Shaw (rock star) and Mikey Walsh run a super program.  special thanks to Brooke Cassady and Jonathan Wagner for all the assistance.   i heard the best zydeco of my life, and may have forgotten to pay a parking ticket.

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

March, 2011
thanks to Jim Brashear and his family for their hospitality.   what a cool gang.   i almost lost their dog.   i did not want to leave Alaska (but my liver did).   i got to party with the widest variety of creative people in the U.S.  i miss you all.