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University of Michigan

March, 2009
Susan Crowell invited me to Michigan, and i'm glad she did. i experienced the most complicated set of hallways ever assembled, in the Residential College of Art. i think i'm still lost. the 'other' clay studio, while much less confusing, was still cool. John Leyland was great about keeping me stocked. (with clay.) i was impressed with the undergrads, who walked and talked like grad students.

Edinboro University

November, 2008
faculty Lee Rexrode and Chuck Johnson were a blast, in the studio and out.   i not only met a slew of awesome grads, but also found 2 long-lost friends:  my first collector, Todd Leech and fellow clayster Stephanie Craig.  i had so much fun, i left town without my credit card and only $5 cash.  and i can't forget Jonathan Matecki, who made sure i had access to wings and beer 24/7.

North Dakota State University

March, 2011
Mike Strand is one of my heroes.   we used to play shuffle board at Harry's Wonder Bar in Lincoln, now he's chair of a thriving art department.  he's a thinker, and his work is ridiculous.  perhaps most impressive was the local 'Sons of Norway', proving that Fargo is indeed further north than Fairbanks.

National Taiwan University of Arts

May, 2008
Po Ching Fang invited me to visit the National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) in Taipei.  i spent a week there before heading south to visit Taiwan University in Tainan.   that's where i got to re-connect with my friend Ching-Yuan Chang, who i met at the Alabama Clay Conference months earlier.  clay gets so much respect over there.   i was treated like a star.   (and thus, i acted like one.)

University of Florida

September, 2008
my first high-stakes workshop.   i'm glad it was here.  Linda Arbuckle runs a tight ship.   the grads were super drunk all of the time, er... super helpful.   Kelley Eggert made sure every thing was perfect (including the ice!) while the rest of the group treated me like a 'somebody' (lord knows why...).   Thanks also Stephanie Stuefer, who wrote an excellent article on my work, and TJ Erdahl just cause he's cool.

LUX Center for the Arts

October, 2009

demonstrating--and curating--at this conference (The Art of Fine Craft) is a personal highlight.  the other presenters were excellent, and a source of several enlightening conversations:  Sonya Clark, Victoria Goro-Rapoport, Jess Starkel, and Sarah Logan.  i need to meet more people like this.

the staff of the Lux Center are pros.  special thanks to Jo Ann Emerson, Carlos Guerrero for going out of their way, and Stephanie Leach Vendetti for the heady task of 'handling' my artwork....


University of Iowa

October, 2009
Mat Rude invited me, fed me, drowned me in beer, then made sure the old Menards building was presentable.   a super talented group of students (grad and undergrad) took care of me.   this clay program is in good hands.